The SKYDICE project, based on a concept exposed in report LPNHE 2006-2 (published in NIM A 585(2008) 93-101), is an advanced version of the SNDICE instrument presented at CFHT 2007 meeting in Marseille (cf. poster) and installed in Hawaii in january 2008 (first results presented at SPIE conf. Marseille June 08 cf. paper and poster).
Overview of subsystems:
 LEDs and Cooled Large Area Photodiodes (CLAP) are calibrated with  photometric calibration setup in Paris, transported to CFHT and installed according to
telescope setup.

LED head


Cooled Large Area Photodiode

  • mechanics:    
  • electronics: , frontend,
    Back end photos,   
  • DAQ    

Telescope setup


Photometric calibration setup

banc calibration
photodiode calibration (spectral bench setup)
Three calibration setups: spectral//photometry@2.5m//photometry@14m
  • mechanics: ,    

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Last modified: July 14th  2007