&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Comparison of the Real-Time extracted spectra and the Off-line extracted spectra.
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp A set of 7 objects arbitrarily choosen to represent well the variety of cases encontered.

03D1bm :
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp An SN close to the core of it's bright host. z~0.57.
MagR(SN)~24. MagR(Gal)~22.5. Dhost ~ 0.3''.
Comp. 03D1bm

03D1bp :
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp An SN well separated from it's host. z~0.3.
MagR(SN)~23. MagR(Gal)~22.7. Dhost ~ 1.2''.
Comp. 03D1bp

03D1co :
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp An SN on the core of it's faint host. z~0.68.
MagR(SN)~23.1. MagR(Gal)~25.4. Dhost ~ 0''.
Comp. 03D1co

03D1fc :
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp An SN close to the core of it's host. z~0.33.
MagR(SN)~21.3. MagR(Gal)~21.6. Dhost ~ 0.4''.
Comp. 03D1fc

03D1fl :
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp An SN separated from it's host, with a near field galaxy. z~0.69.
MagR(SN)~23. MagR(Gal)~22.1. Dhost ~ 0.4''.
Comp. 03D1fl

03D4at :
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp An SN unresolved from it's host. z~0.63.
MagR(SN)~23. MagR(Gal)~23. Dhost ~ 0''.
Comp. 03D4at

03D4dy :
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp An SN with no detectable host. z~0.6.
Comp. 03D4dy