PHASE Home Page
PHotometry Assisted Spectral Extraction
Sylvain Baumont and the SNLS team at LPNHE.

&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp PHASE is a reduction and extraction package designed for the SNLS spectroscopic observations at VLT-FORS1.
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp It's architecture has two levels :

&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp For a discussion on PHASE performance, please read arxiv:0809.4407
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Please contact me if you plan to use this Package.
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Shall you use succeed using PHASE for your own research, please refer to "Baumont, S.,Balland, C., Astier, P.,et al. 2008, A&amp A, 491, 567" in your publication.

&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Source Code Archive :

&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp You can download a tar.gz archive containing the source code, a sample of raw data to be reduced and the Data-Cards needed :

&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Installing : &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Before running 'setup.csh' :
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp If you want to test the C++ routines (Python scripts are VERY environment dependant), refer to the "lowlevel_sampledata_prod.txt" hereafter.

&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp If you want to directly consult the source code, navigate here :

&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Some kind of User Guide :

&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp For General information about SNLS data processing with PHASE, and about the internal parameters, please read this :

&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp For a description of the low level, stand alone processing of the sample data given in the 'PHASE_pack' archive, please read that :