Articles (refereed journals) in chronological order

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Submitted articles

M.Joyce and T. Worrakitpoonpon, ``Quasi-stationary states in the self-gravitating sheet model'',  arXiv:cond-mat/1012.5042

Some recent conference proceedings 

M.Joyce ,  ``Infinite self-gravitating systems and cosmological structure formation",  chapter of the volume ``Dynamics and Thermodynamics of systems with long range interactions: theory and experiments'' , A. Campa, A. Giansanti, G. Morigi, F. Sylos Labini Eds.,  American Institute of Physics Conference proceedings, 970 (2008). arxiv:cond-mat//0805.1360 (see also

M.Joyce, B. Marcos and F. Sylos Labini, ``Cold spherical collapse revisited",  proceedings  of "The Invisible Universe", int'l conference in Paris,  July 2009. arXiv:cond-mat/1011.0614