Detector, Electronics and Photometry benches at LPNHE

The three test benches presented below (1st cryo., 2nd cryo. and photometry) reflect the evolution along 5 years of the R&D requirements encountered in various phases of our involvement in the SNAP, SNDICE (and maybe LSST) projects.  We managed to keep the ensemble globally coherent using a component approach. Basically different applications can be built by combining electronic, optical, cryogenic and software components around the three benches.

1st Cryogenic Detector Bench

ccd bench
      View of LBNL CCD chip mounted on photometric focal plane


Presently this bench is equipped with a "photometric focal plane" (2 calibrated PhotoDiodes -Si&InGaAs-, 2 other PD Si, a webcam) on which is mounted a LBNL thick n-CCD
The various light sources are mountable on a mini optical bench driven by an X&Y motion (cf. components). All the components are within a large
black box supported by the anti-vibration table. The light sources on the bench are either direct illumination or focussed (6 μ artificial star for intra pixel studies). For spectrophotometric studies a 3 gratings monochromator (usually situated outside black box) is connected by a Q-fiber to the bench. It covers 0.3 to 2 μ wavelength range.

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2nd Cryogenic Detector Bench

IR bench
       Cut of cryostat showing 1RG detector in place

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Photometry Calibration Bench

IR bench 
    Photometry calibration bench installed in a dark cabinet                                    
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Etienne Barrelet
Last modified: July 14th  2007