Antivibration tables; cryostats; feed-throughs; optical mini-bench; monochromator; X-Y-Z motions; optical accessories (integrating sphere, shutter, lens, pinholes ...); light sources;  photodiodes; CCD imagers; clocking systems; amplifier; pulse generator; digitizers; DAQ cards;             

Anti-vibration tables 

table CCD
Anti-vibration table for CCD test
  • Large table for complex setups and axial granit table for long optical bench geometry


IR cryostat  
   section trough IR cryostat
bottom bar


from frontend card to focal plane

  • standard hi-vacuum flanges turned into EMC feed-through


mini banc
Lens&Led source mounted on bench itself on XY motion (rail compatible with granit table rail)

bottom bar

bottom bar

Etienne Barrelet
Last modified: July 14th  2007