Our friend Jacques Bouchez passed away on the 28th of december 2009. The present scientific conference, organised in his memory, is centered on neutrino physics: Jacques has devoted most of his research time on this subject since 1984, not only on experiments (Bugey, NOMAD, T2K), but also on future projects (beta-beams, megaton detectors) and on the theory of neutrinos (oscillations and MSW effect), not mentioning statistics and probabilities. While selecting subjects where Jacques has been deeply involved, often leaving an original and significant imprint, we did not want to restrict the scope of the conference to his contributions, but rather to present the state of the art on these subjects.

François Pierre, close colleague of Jacques for years, had enthousiastically accepted to take part in the organizing committee of this scientific day. He unfortunately died suddenly from the very same disease than Jacques on September 1st. We will later honour his memory.

Michel Cribier, Jacques Dumarchez, Henri Pessard, Daniel Vignaud