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The documents that follow describe and are references for the DICE project which intend to perform an instrumental calibration of CFHT/Megacam instrument with a direct illumination of the primary mirror using LEDs.

The proposed concept is described in the paper: Direct Illumination Led Calibration for type Ia Supernova photometry ("Conceptual design")

An implementation is proposed for CFHT/megacam in the proposed SNDICE: A SN Direct Illumination Calibration Experiment ("Draft proposal")

For reference the actual calibration procedure used for SNLS is described in "Photometric Calibration of the Supernova Legacy Survey Fields", which was presented by Nicolas Regnault at the Blankenberg conference "Calibration and Standardization" in May 2006.

Slides of several talks prepared for a project group review which took place Nov 13, 2006 are also available for reference. The first talk was a general description of the project presented by Kyan Schahmaneche. The proposed electronic and mechanical setups were described as well as expected schedule, cost and manpower. Ideas for operation and calibration data analysis were also briefly discussed ("Data Analysis").


Conceptual design (E.Barrelet & C.Juramy, LPNHE 2006-2 published in Nucl. Inst. and Meth. A 585, (2008) 93-101)

Draft proposal for CFHT (K.Schahmaneche)

SNLS calibration (N.Regnault, astro-ph/0610397)

Group review

Monday Nov 13, 10h-16h

  Reviewers : P. Antilogus, P. Astier, K. Gilmore (invited), R. Pain
10:00  Welcome : R. Pain
     (context SNLS, schedule, charge)
      - is the project scientifically justified ?
      - is the proposed project the best answer ?
      - is the team able to do it ?
      - are the scheduling and funding adequate ?
10:15  General description : K. Schahmaneche
11:00  Electronic setup: C. Juramy (general & LED ctrl; LCA slides E.B.)
11:30  Mechanical setup: W. Bertoli
11:50  Schedule, manpower and cost: D. Vincent
12:00  Data Analysis : K. Schahmaneche
12:30  Invited lunch : reviewers + proposers/speakers
14:00  The LSST calibration scheme : K. Gilmore
15:00  Closed session (reviewers)
16:00  End