Source code

If you have any problems to compile the code, and especially if you find a fix that solves the issue :-), please let us know. See the usage page for some help.

Please use the complete installation scripts that you can find here if you are not familiar with the package organization and want to reproduce published results.

Releases (starting from the most recent)

  • snfit-2.4.2, same as 2.4.0, but with snlc running with new lc format
  • snfit-2.4.0, SALT2 as used in Betoule et al. (2014), SDSS-II / SNLS-3 joint analysis (JLA)
  • snfit-2.3.7, accepts a new format of light curves (see Usage), gives same results as version 2.2.2b
  • snfit-2.2.2b, SALT2 as used in Guy et al. (2010), SNLS 3 year analysis
  • snfit-2.0.1, SALT2, as used in Guy et al. (2007), first SALT2 release
  • snfit-1.3, snfit-data-1.3, SALT1, as used in Astier et al. (2006), SNLS 1st year analysis