Instrumentation Program 2008-2011

Telescope Photometric Calibration :


Construction of Large Synoptic Survey Telescope  see LSST (french site)

Presently in 2011:

In collaboration with CFHT team in Hawaii, we are conducting an upgrade of SNDICE and and extensive study of Megacam camera using Sndice.
We are constructing SKYDICE an advanced Direct Illumination Calibration Experiment for the SKYMAPPER telescope to be installed on site this year.

We meet on every week and issue a  Status Report.
  List of PEOPLE

Instrumentation Program 2001-07

Supernova Integral Field Spectrometer (SNIFS)

Detector and electronics R&D for SNAP

Large Synoptic Survey Telescope R&D (LSST)

Telescope Photometric Calibration (SNDICE)

We have participated to the construction and the upgrade of instruments for our Supernova Cosmology program (SNIFS for SNF, SNDICE for SNLS) and undertaken detector and electronics R&D in view of the next generation of  Supernova Cosmology instruments, leading us to construct:
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Etienne Barrelet
Last modified: March 28th 2011